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Fertility Uplifted

Stronger Together
Connection | Empathy | Hope

A letter to my mothers and sisters struggling with infertility,

I feel your pain. I’ve been there.


Failed cycles, losing faith, feeling angry, hiding our suffering.


Feeling so alone on our path of infertility and loss.


Being desperate to be a mom and grow our family with a new life.


Dealing with the anxiety of having no control over our bodies.


Putting up protective, isolating walls to keep us safe from those that don’t truly understand us.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t need to do this alone.


What we need is a sisterhood of women who REALLY sees us, unconditionally, with nothing but love and support.


It’s only then that we can stand tall, find our inner strength, and shine light into the darkness.  


As a solidarity of women on the same journey, that can reclaim the hope to believe our dream of becoming a mother will come true.  


I want to make this experience possible for women across the country.


I'm building a small intimate community of women who can share, support, and relate with each other on the road to fertility.


Why me?


I struggled for years with infertility. 


But after lots of trials and tribulations, we welcomed two healthy babies into the world.


To more effectively help others grow, I’ve also earned two master’s degrees in education and counseling, yoga and mindfulness certifications, and somatic and trauma informed care trainings. 


But what really matters is that I listen like someone who’s been in your shoes.


I search the world to catalog better ideas, new treatments, and fresh perspectives on fertility.


And I want to share this with other women like me.


I’m starting with a group of 5-7 women on a 6-week journey to share and grow.


We’ll meet weekly on Zoom and share in the interim via group text.


If you’d like to join for free, just click the button below to get started.

Image by Jasper Boer

“I can be changed by

what happens to me.

But I refuse to be

reduced by it .”

— Maya Angelou

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