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Image by Grant Ritchie

My Story


I struggled with infertility for over 9 years. I know first
hand the grief, anxiety, and anger that comes with living with infertility. I not only felt isolated and alone but hopeless and lost.

While navigating my way through endless doctor’s visits, tests, exams, painful procedures, injections, medications, and failed attempts, I longed for a sisterhood like this group to increase my resilience and strength.

Through my struggles and perseverance, I am blessed with two children. However, it doesn’t lessen the burden, trauma, and overwhelming strain it took on my marriage, my soul and my body.

With two master’s degrees in education and counseling and
trainings in yoga and mindfulness, I’ve longed to provide a
safe space for others that are on the same isolating path of
infertility I journeyed upon a few years ago.

“We don’t even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward ”

— Isabel Allende

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